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India, being a tropical country encounters summer season during the months of May, June and July. It’s hard to keep on working in the scorching heat and be as fresh as you want to be. A vacation should always be in the offing as it gives you a breather, days full of laughter and peaceful attitude just within few days. Monotony, is always a tough route and we as humans keep on falling in the track of monotony without any intention! If you are teenage student, or an early twenty working employee, or mother of kids or a family of 5, everybody of you deserve a break, don’t you? Find the best hotels in Mussoorie and enjoy your short stay there.

Well, visit a cool place like Mussoorie, as it is hotter everywhere, exception hills. Hills are calling and you must go! Mussoorie is a place of its own, with some ancient past left behind by British. You will find best of some ancient temples and picnic points, vantage points, sunrise and sunset points and other local areas that will keep you hooked all day. While you head to enjoy a mini vacation in Mussorie, you can have a nice time in Hotels in Mussoorie with heated swimming pool.

You must be wondering, what are the top places that you can visit when in Mussoorie. Here is a curated list of all the places that you would like to visit:

Kempty Falls:
A must-visit place and a photo-perfect place for everybody. Surrounded by mountain beauty and a perfect gift by nature, you would love to sit here and listen to some old classic music and relish old times.
Lal Tibba:
It’s termed as the highest peak in Mussoorie and gives you some breath-taking views in a blink of an eye. You can enjoy trekking, enjoy sunrise and sunset and visit the peaks.
Gun Hill:
After British Colonization, the place was called as Gun Point, after a cannon was fire. It’s a beautiful vantage point and you can go ropeway walking or even trekking, close to nature.
Jwalaji Temple:
A pilgrimage place, located on the top of Benog Hill. You will find idol of Hindu deity Goddess Durga. Pray and take some time off from the worldly affairs. While you enjoy some outdoor time, you can also be at comfort in hotels in Mussoorie with heated swimming pool. Look out for some of the best hotels in Mussoorie and give yourself a good time.
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