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Uttarakhand is famous not only for its tourist places and pilgrims but also for its values and tradition. The culture of the state can be seen in the songs, dance and also in the delicious dishes. Not many people know this, but this place has a whole lot of delectable delicacies that will satiate the hidden hunger in you. The traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand, also known as Garhwali cuisine, is highly nutritious, simple to prepare and at the same time appealing to the palate. The Garhwali food also changes with season. Due to abundance of milk, people are very fond of dairy products.
Have a look at the scrumptious delicacies hidden in this land of natural beauty!
Aloo Ke Gutke
Aloo Ke Gutke is a typical dish made up of boiled potatoes, roasted with dry spices, and tastes absolutely divine! The most exciting thing of this dish is the way of serving, which includes red fried chillies, coriander leaves and tomato garnish.
Madue Ki Roti
One of the famous and very delicious form of rotis, you can only find in Uttarakhand. A roti made of mandua flour, a local cereal, very high in fibres making it extremely nutritious.
When talking about delicacies, how can we not mention desserts? Arsa, a traditional sweet dish of Uttarakhand is made up of rice, water, jaggery and oil. It is high on the taste meter which makes it so hugely popular. No festival in Uttarakhand is complete without the presence of Arsa.
Kaapa (saag)
This is a dish that is just as delicious as is nutritious. Kaapa is cooked with finely chopped boiled spinach, cooked with spices, curd, and thickened with rice paste. This recipe is very healthy and is rich in iron.
Kumaoni Raita
People who love curd or raita cannot go without eating it. Kumaoni Raita is yet another dish that accompanies every other cuisine of Uttrakhand. A raita prepared with curd, cucumber, mustard seeds. It has a pungent taste of mustard, which makes it different from all the other Raita. People prefer having it as a main dish in Uttarakhand rather than taking it as a side.
Jhangore Ki Kheer
A dessert prepared out of milk, sugar, Jhangore, which is a type of millet, and is the main ingredient of this dessert. Jhangore Ki Kheer has an unforgettable taste and is a must try after a good Garhwali. Its rich texture and the goodness of milk will leave you asking for more.
This dish is a boon for all the health freaks out there! Kafuli is a dish that all the locals of Uttarakhand swear by. It is primarily prepared with spinach and fenugreek leaves, which even the Doctor’s prescribe. It is the most nourishing and healthy dish you will come across in the state.

So when visiting Uttarakhand, you can enjoy such mouth-watering traditional & local food.