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Whenever we talk about Mussoorie the first name that comes to our mind is Ruskin Bond and all the mysteries that he weaved around Mussoorie in his books. But if you are and ardent traveler and have been to Mussoorie earlier as well but not once but more than that then you might be aware of all the various spooky stories that the locals recite. Yes, it is true that some of them are local folk lures but can you guarantee that?

You might be in two minds now about the question. Well, keeping that mystery of the mind intact what if we tell you that all the book lovers can enjoy a book reading session in Mussoorie. You must be wondering how is books related to hotel. Well, whenever we travel we carry a book along with us. We all know that travel and books go hand in hand. But did you know that Mussoorie and mystery also go hand in hand? How? Well, none of the readers can say that they have not read Ruskin Bond or any of his mysteries that is set in Mussoorie.

Again if we talk about mysteries then another interesting mystery character comes to our mind; Sherlock Holms. Most of you might have watched the TV series but when it is about reading the book many people tend to loose interest. But when there is a book reading session and you see an advertisement about it you tend to imagine it to be a mystery book and all the set up. What if you can do the same for your next book reading session.

Wondering how? Well, if you are in Mussoorie and want to organize a book reading session for the kids or even of the adults then you can do it with Mosaic Mussoorie as they help you with all the arrangement and the benefit is that if you are planning for a Sherlock themed book reading session then they already have the setup ready for you, all you need to do is book them.

Wondering if the guests would prefer mystery or not? Well, the magic of Mussoorie is such that there is no person who can deny a good mystery. Mussoorie definitely brings out the adventurous side of yours that loves mystery and such a themed book reading session would simply help you to imagine whole story n a way that you are watching a movie and not reading a book. So, what are you thinking if you are planning a book reading session, plan it with Mosaic and remember that in Mussoorie you can never go wrong with mystery.